The Pendulum prototype is meant to be run on a single node, which acts as the bridge between Stellar and the Pendulum network itself. The network is composed of that same node also.

Substrate already provides a lot of the mechanisms needed for a full working network with several nodes, validators, etc. So this proof of concept is only focused on the bridging.

To be able to test the node and the UI, you can use our deployed version:

Be aware that the website might take 20 seconds to load.

Note: pointing to the node address from the regular polkadot js explorer won't work, you need to use our explorer.

Follow the steps in the section Running the demo to test the Stellar Pendulum bridge and a smart contract AMM yourself.

Alternatively, we show you how you can deploy your own nodes and explorer to tweak them as you want ;)


Running the demo

This description applies to both


Note: only those assets listed above are currently supported by the escrow account and can be bridged to Pendulum prototype.


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